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Fablab & workshop

Laser cut, 3D printer, Laser scanner, Cnc, PCB fabrication,

Electronic & Robotic Table

Educational Microcontroller Boards, Measurment and analysis devices, Fabrication tools

Flight table

Multirotor, Simulator, Boards and elements


Timeline and photo gallery

  • 2010-2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The begining of our amazing journy and graduating the first generation

  • 2016-2020

    Kids park was born

    Adding new fields, conferences, scientific events

  • 2021-forever :)

    Danehpark came to world

    New program, national program and events

  • Hopefully 2022 ;)

    Starsland will arrive

    Worldwide activities

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    Of Our

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Kay Garland


Larry Parker


Diana Pertersen


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